Java is a widely-used technology with plenty of jobs for Java developers. Perhaps you would like to get in on the action, but are having trouble understanding the Java language, an API, or something else pertaining to Java. If so, I can help you with this website.

Jeff Friesen

My name is Jeff Friesen and I teach various technologies. Because I mostly teach Java, I was nicknamed JavaJeff back in the 1990s. I teach Java by writing articles and books, and by creating other resources. My goal is to help people master this technology and improve their job prospects.


In the 1980s I studied Fortran at high school, and later attended Brandon University where I obtained a Bachelor of Science degree with majors in computer science and mathematics. I studied Pascal, VAX assembly language, data structures and algorithms, computer graphics, Cobol, computer networks, digital image processing, APL, databases, systems programming, compiler construction, and numerical analysis. I also studied calculus, analysis, linear algebra, statistics, and set theory and algebra. I graduated in 1987 and received the following diploma:


After graduating, I worked at a telecom company (where I created software to automate computer tasks and track employee absences, among other activities), an investment firm (where I created software to manage a client's portfolio of investments, and accomplished other tasks), and two software development firms. I taught myself C/C++, Visual Basic, Windows APIs and architecture, HTML, XML, UML, and Java (and more).

At some point, I began to freelance as a tech teacher, focusing mainly on the Java language, Java APIs, and other Java topics through the articles and books I continue to write for InfoWorld, Apress, and other companies. I've also taught Java to students in college and university environments.