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Hello, my name is Jeff "JavaJeff" Friesen. I teach Java technology (including Android) to everyone via articles, blogs, books, and software. This website provides access to some of these Java resources.

Many years ago, I was nicknamed JavaJeff because of my emphasis on Java technology. I subsequently shared some of my Java resources via various javajeff domains. To broaden my horizons, I changed my domain name to tutortutor.ca. Because there are too many technologies to adequately cover, I've returned to my Java roots and have changed my domain name to javajeff.ca. Note that some of my articles, books, and other resources refer to tutortutor. For some of these resources, I'll eventually replace tutortutor references with javajeff references.


In the 1980s, I learned Fortran at high school, and subsequently attended Brandon University where I pursued a Bachelor of Science degree with majors in computer science and mathematics. I took computer science classes in Pascal, Cobol, APL, VAX assembler language, algorithms and data structures, computer graphics, digital image processing, networks, databases, operating systems programming, compiler construction, and numerical analysis. Also, I took mathematics classes in calculus, analysis, linear algebra, statistics, and set theory and algebra. I graduated in 1987 and received the diploma shown below:

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Work History

After graduation, I worked for a telecommunications company (where I developed software to automate computer tasks and track employee absences), an investment firm (where I developed client portfolio management software), and two software development companies. While working for these companies, I taught myself C/C++, Visual Basic, Windows architecture/APIs, and HTML.

In 1998, I started to freelance as a Java teacher. In addition to teaching Java to students at a local college and a local university, I've taught Java by writing Java-oriented articles, blogs, books, and software. Also, I teach on non-Java technologies (such as CoffeeScript, JavaScript, and CSS 3). Check out the XTRAS section of this website to access some of my non-Java resources.