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Since the late 1990s, I've created a considerable amount of Java software. This page presents two of my simpler software packages, which you can freely download and use.


Classfile is a Java library for creating Java SE classfiles without having to rely on the javac compiler tool. Classfile is most useful in the code generator portion of an assembler or a compiler.

Click here to download (beta), which contains this Java library.

Classfile runs under JDK 7u6 and higher. It creates classfiles for Java SE 7 and lower.


JavaPad is a simple Java-based text-editor application with a Swing-based user interface. This application provides the following assortment of basic and more advanced features:

JavaPad is distributed in javapad.jar and can be run from the command line as follows:

java -jar javapad.jar

This application presents the following user interface -- the first part of a sample document is shown:

JavaPad's user interface reveals the first few 
                             lines from

Click here to download, which contains this Java application.

JavaPad runs under JDK 7u6 and higher.